JAJI 31 Series

The experience and knowledge of our CEO was sort by the manufacturer for the design and manufacturing of this boat. The JAJI Series was named by the manufacturer after our CEO in recognition of his precise demand on designing and manufacturing of vessels that work well specifically in the sub-Saharan waterways. The Company has this series available for charters and shuttle services.

Sea Coaster Series

The Sea Coaster is a company-specific-designed boat to handle mass transit in a safe, comfortable, fast and affordable way. These boats are used for our core mass transit service in and around Lagos. Equipped with modern navigating systems and two 4-stroke Yamaha engines, it has proved to be a reliable vessel for the rugged environ.

Express Series

Our express series is a versatile boat that has been used for small charters, work boat for research companies, Lagos Waterway tours and a host of other shuttle service. This boat is designed to comfortably move in and around the city with its comfortable seating.