Sea Coach Express Sierra Leone

Sea Coach Express pioneered the commercial water taxi system in Sierra Leone when it started operation in July 2009 in Freetown with one boat and a vision to create a “one stop” Airport transfer service to and from Lungi International Airport.

Over the years the company has expanded and improved its service range, with its fleet of boats, facilities and service delivery to cover every arriving and departing airline.


The Sea Coach Express brand is now synonymous with water transport Reliability and Safety. Over the years, quality in service has ensured a steady growth in its customer base as people have come to realize the company is a dependable partner on their journey in and out of the country.

With the core business of providing scheduled Airport Transfer of passengers, the company have steadily increased its range of services to include Crew Transfers for mining companies, Island Tours, Fishing trips and on demand charter services to various parts of the country.

Operating now with a modern fleet of over 20 boats, several shuttle buses and experienced staff the company is constantly improving to make your next journey with more relaxed and an enjoyable experience.


Safety is our most concerned. Our boat captains received world class training